Diet Fads - Scams - Frauds wants to help you sift through the fads, scams, and diet frauds. 
Make informed decision about your diet and exercise programs

DietSurf: DietSee for yourself: and, two affiliate websites don't play by the rules! 
These so-called diet review sites take affiliate kickbacks (undisclosed payment) for some (or all) of the plans they recommend to you! Wouldn't it be nice for you to know up-front that these sites were referring you to diets and programs that they were also getting money for?
Hmmmm, perhaps the only reason they're referring you to a particular diet is because they make money from them?????

There's nothing wrong with sites who use affiliate programs.  By themselves, affiliate websites offer a way to pay for the sites monthly overhead. Some sites probably wouldn't exist without these affiliate commission but that doesn't excuse site owners from SCAMS. Referring and recommending without disclosure is not fair to those seeking advice.

Be careful, sites like the 2 mentioned above can and do recommend one diet over another because they're affiliation results in payment when you purchase!
Most of us appreciate the legal term called "Conflict of Interest". 

Buyer beware! The Better Business Bureau offers some wonderful articles on how to purchase a diet.

Do you think the 2 sites above are
being unfair - misrepresenting their own self-interests instead of worrying about yours? Let them know it; that is if you can find a contact info. form or email address, I couldn't!

Other items of interest web surfers seeking a diet or weight loss plan should  be aware of.

Sponsored Ads/Pay Per Click -- Many of the search results ( i.e. Your search for "Diet" and other keyword) located at the top of Google, Yahoo, and MSN search are sponsored advertisements

Affiliate Sites - Affiliate sites received fees when you leave their site and purchase a site that they provided a link for.

Many of the search results are paid to advertise ( i.e. Your search for "Diet" and other keyword) located at the top of Google, Yahoo, and MSN search are sponsored advertisements

With your help (and our dietitian's) we'll be revealing and reviewing diet scams, fads and frauds, from the diet and weight loss drugs companies like the 2 listed above.  


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