Dietitians: Get Reliable Factual Diet Information

There are a tremendous number of weight loss diets, diet programs and diet alternatives to choose from. This makes it very difficult for majority of us to know what is best diet choice we can make.

It is the goal of this site to help you to make a better choice  by making more facts available to you. Our diet and nutrition expert does her best to clear up the confusion & offers dieters articles, tips and information so that you can make as informed a choice as possible. 

We recommend reading all or as much as you can about the available diets before you begin any diet program. Not all diets are the same and no one diet fits everyone's need equally.  One diet might be beneficial to you and at the same diet may be useless to someone else.

It is our sincere hope that we allow you to obtain your diet goal(s) and meet whatever your health objective(s) might be, whether it be for weight loss, improved health or better diet and nutrition! 

We will do our best to update our pages frequently in hopes that we can help you to make the right diet decision for a healthy, safe and effective diet that does accomplish your goals long term! 

Who Can You Trust With Your Diet...

There are any number of quick-fix diet programs claiming to do everything under the sun.  Which diet or program can you trust? The best we can do as consumers is seek the advice of those with the most training and respect in the area of diet and nutrition. Nutritionist are people we could once rely on as the experts in nutrition but because anyone can call themselves a nutritionist the name now does not typically declares an expertise as charlatans now use this title.

Today's recognized nutrition experts are Dietitians (who are sometimes incorrectly labeled nutritionist).  Their education in dietetics, formal job training in nutrition, expertise and recognition makes them the best choice for advice as they are responsible credentialed experts who base their advice on current diet information, dietetics, and are the recognized nutrition experts referred to by medical professionals. Because your doctor recommends them - we too have chosen these individuals to review the diets for this site.

Dietitians know nutrition and the impact diet has on your body. Because of their specialized training, doctors typically recommend them for diet and health related issues such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, and high cholesterol but today's dietitians have training we dieters can benefit from most. To solve the huge weight epidemic in our nation, dietitians will be increasingly called upon and as nutrition experts in diet, weight loss,  and matters of health - we will all benefit from access to information you can provide us.

Note: If you are a dietitian and do not own a diet site and have no affiliation to the diet industry we are interested in talking to you. Please and let us know if you can help out.

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