Diet Cycling: Yo-Yo Diets
Carolyn Classick-Kohn,MS,RD

No matter how much weight you plan on losing you don't want to gain it back!weight control - diet smarter

"Fenfluramine (aka Fen Fen) hastened the age-old pursuit of dieters seeking a quick fix. Before Fenfluramine was discovered to be harmful and was removed from shelves, it created a flood of dieters seeking easy solutions to their long term weight problems. The latest diet pills that will be taken from shelves if not by the time you read this is ??? 

It's unrealistic to expect any more than short-term success on diet pills and other unrealistic schemes: there will always be miracle pills, "Fat-Be-Gone systems", and other fad diets( atkins included) that only work because they reduce calories. There are many diets, supplements, and diet scams everywhere you look offering you the latest strategies. 

Dietitians and physicians offer the best advice but their advice doesn't offer a simple solution.  They do not recommend quick fix diets (they know better) and instead advise us to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. The programs are do not result in "Yo-Yo dieting or "diet cycling" and the diet they recommend are recognized to be the most likely to lead to long term diet success.

Instead of seeking a diet scheme seek a sensible diet or diet plan based upon science!Dietitians and other diet and nutrition experts recommend among other things low fat diets.  Diets based upon evidence from the study of dietetics (the science of applying nutrition) which all
dieticians apply in their consulting practices. The results are effective, proven, weight loss and nutrition strategies that really work.

Besides applying dietetics to your diet, dietitians also offer dieters assessments, and key diet strategies not used or even understood by lesser plans. These diets can be very powerful for dieters. Most if not all of us have never sought a dietitian help.  Compared to other diets, dieticians diets and programs offer you a sensible and truly helpful solution.  Does this guarantee success? No! Success still requires a great deal of work from you. All diets - no matter how well planned - no matter how much nutritional knowledge is incorporated still requires you to do the hard work.